BayStreet BandScrapBoot CD

ScrapBoot contains songs from the August 28, 1999, Florida Theatre concert. For reviews of the show, please see the Review page. This disc contains the live version of "Peace" that was the #1 song on's Progressive Rock chart for 3 weeks on January, 2000. Most of the songs are from Lighten Up, with the exception of the first recorded release of "Seeds (of the Flower Children)." Ths songs


1. Dirt Farm
2. Deep Blues
3. JB's Guitar Oddyssey
4. Life Divine
5. Drumz
6. Rock-A-Beat (a-Boogie)
7. Seeds (of the Flower Children)
8. Peace
9. Lighten Up
10. Love At second Sight
11. Render Me Helpless

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