ECLECTRICITY! is a compilation disc available from,
containing songs from Lighten Up, Peace, and SrcapBoot.

1. Peace *
2. And the World Turns Around Again
3. Seeds (of the Flower Children) *
4. Render Me Helpless
5. Neophyte of the Heart
6. I'll See You in My Dreams
7. Life Divine *
8. I Don't Know What Love Is (AlternateMix)
9. Lighten Up
10. Love at Second Sight

* live recording

You can listen to tracks from ECLECTRICITY!
and purchase it now from

Special limited time price of $5.99!

ECLECTRICITY! is a Digital Automatic Music (DAM) CD.
It contains both standard audio tracks for your audio CD players as well as an
MP3 encoded version of each song for PC or Portable MP3 player use.

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