"Lighten Up"

A CD recorded in Nashville from


John McE. Miller Esq. - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Mike Hollingsworth - Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Brown - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Cliff Huber - Tenor, Alto & Baritone Saxophones
Travis Coleman - Drums & Percussion

Recorded in the summer of 1998 at Moondog Studio in Nashville, with solos, overdubs and vocals recorded in the Gravity 783 Mobile Studio, Lighten Up is BayStreet's first professionally-produced studio effort, presenting over 70 minutes of original progressive rhythm & blues-based rock and soul music - and one Van Morrison classic! The members of BayStreet bring decades of live performance experience and innumerable musical influences to this project, including American and international tours in seven countries. There is something for everyone in our eclectic-styled tunes - Progressive, Rock, Soul, Blues, R&B, and more. We believe that these tracks celebrate the convergence of our collective lyrical and instrumental talent, and are so excited to be sharing them with our friends and fans.

Production of Lighten Up has been a labor of love. We are proud to present it to you and hope you enjoy the music.

To order your copy of Lighten Up please use the BayStreet order form.

For booking information contact:

John Miller

E-mail: john@baystreetband.com


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