"Peace" - EP CD has been released!


This time out, it's a 5 song EP (extended play). Here's what's on it:

1) Peace (John McE. Miller, James T. Brown) - The new one so many people have asked for. John wrote this little prayer for our world and ourselves. Jim Brown gets a writing credit for work on the music. A modern/progressive ballad. Hopefully our anthem for a long time to come. Many believe this is currently THE song in our repertoire. We recorded this first version of the song in July, 1999, at A Studio in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Justin Case engineered. We mastered this and the whole disc at the brand new Made In the Shade Studio (owned by Judy Van Zant Jeness) in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Pete Thornton is the mastering engineer.

2) And The World Turns Around Again (RADIO REMIX) (John McE. Miller, James T. Brown) - This is the one that is currently in radio stations nationwide on the OASIS Duplication sampler disc Roots & Rock, Volume 8 (disc 2, song 5). This single remix was done by Jim Bickerstaff in the mobile unit of Gravity 783 Studio. Like the other songs that were originally recorded for our CD Lighten Up, the tracks on this one were recorded in Nashville, TN at Garry Talent's Moondog Studio by Tim Coats, of the legendary and fabulous White Animals (from whom Steve Boyd added a vocal on the bridge). The overdubs, vocals and solos were recorded in the Gravity 783 Studio.

3) I Don't Know What Love Is (DANCE REMIX) (John McE. Miller) - We remixed this one to get a big drum sound. We were having a lot of fun & did some backwards masking of the vocals & added many other effects. Debbie Rider sang on this one (& on the previous one), & this mix brings out her vocals. John Miller & Jim Brown produced this mix with Pete Thornton engineering, on July 29, 1999. This one is a lot of fun & is very different from the album track in a trippy sort of way.

4) Deep Blues (alternate take) (John McE. Miller) - Recorded in Nashville, this take was actually preferred by engineer Tim Coats, who felt it had a Los Lobos sound. So, Jim Brown & Cliff Huber recorded solos at Made in the Shade, & we're letting it out of the bag. You'll be surprised at how different rhymically this take is. John's scratch vocals capture a raw feeling for this tribute to the masters of the blues.

5) Suzanne (John McE. Miller in homage to Chuck Berry /Berry/Wright) - Re-recorded at A Studio in July, 1999, this song was originally featured on the Bay Street Blues Club's tape DEMOS. The new version features the live arrangement, including the James Brown bridge (I Got You) and the middle section which is from Chuck Berry's Check Me Out. This is the first time this song has been available on CD. Dave Smith Played bass on both songs recorded in A Studio. Background vocals were added by Travis Coleman & Mike Hollingsworth.

BayStreet is:

John McE. Miller, vocals, bass, percussion, lyrics, melodies
Mike Hollingsworth, Keyboards, vocals, songwriting
Jim Brown, lead, rhythm & accoustic guitars, synthesizers, music writing & arrangements
Cliff Huber, saxophones, horn arrangements, music writing & arrangements
Travis Coleman, drums, percussion, vocals
Dave Smith, bass on tracks 1 & 5

You can use the BayStreet order form to order this disc. The cost is $10.00 (plus $2.50 for mail).

As always, thanks so much for enjoying this musical journey with us!

peace, j*

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